June 20, 2018 — ShowingTime’s partnership with Homesnap has helped real estate agents using the Homesnap Pro app, a mobile productivity tool, to schedule more than 500,000 showings a year for their buyers via the ShowingTime platform, signaling that agents are relying strongly on mobile platforms and support integration of the applications they use most.

Homesnap integrated ShowingTime into its app in 2015. The integration allows agents to schedule showings with ShowingTime without leaving the Homesnap Pro app.

ShowingTime, the industry’s leading showing management technology provider, is available to more than 950,000 agents in over 200 MLSs across North America. Homesnap Pro is available to more than 850,000 agents in 145 MLS.

“It’s clear from the numbers that the Homesnap integration with ShowingTime has been a success,” ShowingTime President Michael Lane said. “We expect adoption will continue to grow, since Homesnap Pro users can take advantage of a very efficient scheduling process.”

“Every feature in Homesnap Pro is designed to save agents time and make them more productive,” said Lou Mintzer, Chief Product Officer at Homesnap. “The integration between Homesnap and ShowingTime was a natural fit, and agents have embraced this key feature in Homesnap Pro at a high volume. This milestone demonstrates the power of Homesnap’s reach and the sheer numbers of agents who are actively using the platform.”