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ShowingTime has what one customer describes as an “ultra awesome” feature: sending disclosure forms and other important documents automatically to showing agents after they request a showing.

The listing agent simply uploads feature sheets, disclosure forms, inspection reports, etc., for each listing. After an agent requests to show the listing, they’re automatically sent the documents.

It saves everyone time, and gives showing agents and their buyers all the information you want them to have about the listing.

What to do:

1. Access ShowingTime* and go to “My Listings”

2. Choose a listing

3. Click “Attachments”, then “Add / Remove”

4. Upload your documents

* You can access ShowingTime for the MLS if you’re using online scheduling, or via your ShowingTime software if you use the ShowingTime Appointment Center or ShowingTime Front Desk

Listing agents don’t have to do any special formatting; each document simply needs to be saved as a PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG (up to 20MB). It can be branded, and can include lists, infographics, or anything you choose.

Why not make this part of your routine when you enter new listings? It will make everyone feel “ultra awesome”!

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