The ShowingTime mobile app allows customers to request and confirm showings, manage showing feedback and share listing activity reports with sellers.

Aside from being as simple as “Point, Tap, Show,” the ShowingTime mobile app provides technology that allows listing agents, showing agents and sellers to monitor all aspects of the home buying/selling process no matter where they there.

Here are five additional features of the ShowingTime mobile app you might not know about:

1. Snapshot

A “snapshot” of all showing activity on an agent’s listings can be viewed within the Listing Activity Report (LAR). It’s the first thing agents see when opening the LAR and shows basic listing information, the current MLS status and showing statistics.

Here’s How: Open the LAR and the snapshot will be the first thing you see.

2. Send an Announcement

Rather than needing a home or office computer, agents using the ShowingTime mobile app can send an announcement on their listing straight from the app. Examples of announcements include price-change emails or a message to all showing agents who have viewed the property in the last 180 days. (Note: Agents can opt out of receiving such communication.)

Here’s How: Click “send” at the bottom of the main LAR screen, which will show the option to either “Share Activity Report” or “Send Announcement.”

3. Log Past Activities

Create a comprehensive LAR by noting all activities on a listing including open houses, comments, past appointments and advertisements. You can also manually add a showing, preview, inspection or appraisal when it wasn’t scheduled through ShowingTime. This ensures all of your listing’s activity is accurately recorded.

Here’s How: Open the LAR tab, click “Action” at the bottom right and add an activity.

4. Messaging

Agents can communicate with one another within the ShowingTime mobile app on the appointment details screen by using the message feature. Unlike personal text messages or emails, messages and comments communicated within the app always stay with that listing – making them easy to find later.

Here’s Uow: Under “Listing Presented By,” click on the agent’s information to message directly within the app.

5. Manage Your Buyers

You can choose to add a new or existing buyer while scheduling a showing on the mobile app. This helps ensure all properties and buyers are correctly matched together.

Here’s How: Search for the listing you want to show and continue as normal before selecting/adding a buyer to the showing.

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The ShowingTime mobile app is free for ShowingTime customers and their sellers. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.