Your company blog is one of the best promotional tools agents and brokers have at their disposal. A well-crafted blog will drive traffic to your website, increase your visibility to potential customers and is a great place for agents to showcase their talents and expertise.

Here are some blogging tips to help you increase blog traffic to your site and get more leads.

1. You Don’t Have to Create Original Content

Well, you do, but the content doesn’t have to created in-house. It just has to be published on your company or personal blog for it to count.

Busy agents and brokers should consider hiring a local freelancer to generate quality content. Even if your real estate business has a tight budget, you still have options. Try looking to local universities for help finding quality writing interns. Talented students are always looking for professional experience.

Bonus Tip: When you hire out for a blog post, make sure to let the writer know about any search engine optimization strategies you’re running so the article is written perfectly for SEO.

2. Write About What’s Hot

You don’t have to go in blind when it comes to content creation for your blog. Look to Twitter to see what is trending with your customers and tailor posts that hit on these subjects. This will increase the chances of customers reading your blog.

Keep an eye out for popular news stories circulating among your customers and identify opportunities to add your own commentary.

Bonus Tip: This is where you can check for what’s trending on Twitter!

3. Make Friends

Don’t be afraid to form partnerships with other business blogs — even if they’re considered competition. Collaboration can be mutually beneficial, and relationships can help business blogs build an audience quicker.

For example, offer to write a guest article for a blogger in return for one from them. This will allow you to reach new readers and, more importantly, potential customers!

Bonus Tip: Find a blogger with a bigger audience than your own but make sure you can bring something positive and meaningful to their site.

4. Pack Posts with Media

People want to be entertained when they read blogs, so try to pack your posts with diverse and visually pleasing media. This includes pictures, funny or informative videos, graphs, quotes and data.

The possibilities are endless, just don’t go overboard. Cat pictures are no substitute for quality content.

Bonus Tip: Make memes — they are easy to create, share and understand. There are plenty of free meme generator sites that require almost no design background.

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